Called by many "The Memory Workout", Apperception is designed to improve and enhance your ability to apperceive and unfold the quick flashes afforded you by your own natural ESP abilities.

Apperception does not directly enhance ESP. Apperception has a much more important function -- it will enhance your ability to work with the natural ESP you already have.

Increase your ability to unfold flash visions through exercise and application -- multiply your efforts.

"Easy to use and fun. I use it to develop my psychic talents, my kids use it to just have fun."

"Nevermind the ESP stuff. This is a GREAT memory builder for anyone of any age."

Appercpetion the program is easy to get. You can either download the demo or purchase the Pro version from us.

  • Download Demo Now 1.2 meg download file. (This zipped file is the full installation for a shareware (working demo) of the Apperception program.)

You have nothing to lose. The demo is free.

It's that simple. So you see once you "know what it does" and know it "will work for you" the rest is easy. But if you do have any question just contact us.

A Note About Apperception

This desktop application was written many years ago. It was designed for win98/winXP (I told you many years ago :)

It gives an odd notice when installing on Windows 7, but it still works.

However, we are working on an HTML5 version that will run in browser. When that is complete we will post it here.